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Damage to teeth can occur for many reasons including tooth decay and trauma. Tooth decay is a widespread issue among many adults, and can lead to multiple problems, such as issues with biting, chewing and, speech. Similar issues are often encountered when teeth are chipped or broken and fixing the affected teeth becomes a priority. However, sometimes the damage done is so extensive it can't be treated with just a traditional filling. Dr. Bleeker offers crown and bridge work as a dental solution for his Scottsdale area patients.


When a single tooth restoration is all that is required, crowns are an ideal treatment. Also known as a “cap”, a crown fits over the damaged area. Crowns come in a variety of forms to include:

Gold - extremely strong for patients who clench or grind their teeth

Porcelain-fused-to-metal – especially durable to mimic the strength and aesthetics of back teeth

Ceramic crowns - most often used on front teeth as all composite crowns do not have a line near the gums and will not discolor over time

Dr. Bleeker makes his recommendations on a case by case basis, always with the full involvement of his patients. 


A bridge is traditionally made up of two or more “anchoring” crowns that fit over teeth on either side of the gap left by the missing tooth. The bridge holds an abutment in place to fill that gap. A bridge is also held in place by dental implants. When there are several adjacent missing teeth to be replaced, implants are embedded into the bone and abutments are attached to the titanium posts. The bridge is secured onto these and includes replacement in between. Materials used to create the abutments are discussed as with crowns.

Benefits to Crowns and Bridges

The purpose of bridge and crown work is to restore the patient's ability to chew and speak properly, however there are other advantages. Crowns and bridges retain the natural face shape, which would otherwise appear “puckered” and gives the illusion of aging. They also support the biting function, taking stress off the other existing teeth and allowing the entire mouth structure to use natural force while eating and biting down. Crowns and bridges additionally prevent shifting teeth – since the gap is filled and the denture is stable, any remaining teeth will stay in place, rather than shift out of their position and into the gap.

The Patient Experience

Dr. Bleeker reviews each individual case and customizes his patients' treatment plans accordingly. Since dental health is his ultimate goal, he addresses any bacterial infection prior to performing the crown or bridge procedures. Patients who require a root canal prior to their crown or bridge fitting will be referred to a trusted professional in Scottsdale. 

Precision is key, and all design work is performed under a microscope, so that patients receive  a better, more natural fit and appearance. Gaps are eliminated and the patient appreciate an immediate improvement in their oral health. Crowns and bridges are both cosmetic dental procedures to improve the quality of teeth while saving as much of the original tooth as possible.

For more information on crowns and bridges or any of our other procedures and services, please contact us and schedule an appointment at our Scottsdale facility today.

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