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As dental professionals it is our priority to provide quality dental care you can trust.

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Scottsdale Prosthodontist - Michael L Bleeker, DMD 

Welcome to the Scottsdale dental practice of Michael L. Bleeker, DMD. Dr. Bleeker and his caring dental staff are committed to providing exceptional dental care in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere.

Dr. Bleeker is a board certified ProsthodontistProsthodontics is a specialized branch of dentistry dealing with the maintenance and restoration of teeth and oral function. Prosthodontists receive an additional 3-4 years of specialized education dealing with complex restoration of the mouth and the replacement of missing teeth. Dr. Bleeker is a Scottsdale Prosthodontist whose priority is restoring the aesthetics of his patient’s smiles, function, and oral health.

At the dental office of Michael Bleeker, DMD, we offer a comprehensive list of treatments including traditional cosmetic dentistry such as veneers, all ceramic crowns, implant dentures as well as innovative cosmetic procedures including dental implants. Doctor Bleeker also treats patients going through surgery or radiation therapy for head and neck cancers. The area of dental oncology and facial prosthetics is a subspecialty of prosthodontics. Dr. Bleeker is known in the Scottsdale and greater Phoenix area for caring for patients in need of comprehensive dentistry and major restorative procedures. Dentists, surgeons, and primary care physicians refer to our office to treat patients recovering from various facial traumas and surgeries. Our Scottsdale Prosthodontist is known by his patients for his compassionate attitude and his quality dental care.

Some of Dr. Bleeker's treatments include:                    

   • Cleft lip and cleft palate treatment 
   • Dental implants
   • Crowns and Bridges 
   • Implant dentures
   • Teeth Whitening 
   • Facial Prosthetics 
   • Dental oncology
   • Custom Mouthguards
   • Complex comprehensive dental treatment

If you have any questions about finding a Prosthodontist in Scottsdale or are in need of a second opinion, feel free to contact us today or schedule a consultation with Dr. Bleeker.

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Dr. Bleeker’s assistant was incredible helping me navigate the insurance maze to ensure that I received the maximum insurance benefits that my policy allowed. My particular case was actually a medical condition, but the insurance initially denied coverage, wanting me to see another prosthodontist who was under their plan, or use my dental benefits, which were substantially less. Frankly, Dr. Bleeker is the most qualified prosthodontist for what I needed to have done, and I refused to see anyone else. Deborah was absolutely tenacious in helping me communicate effectively with the insurance company to get approval for the procedure, using the benefits guaranteed by my coverage.

For Dr. Bleeker:
Dr. Bleeker helped me to overcome my hyper nasality. Having been born with a hare lip cleft palate, I had suffered with this condition my whole life, without realizing that it could be rectified. The procedure requires incredibly patience, compassion and skill, and Dr. Bleeker was fantastic. For the first time in my life, I now have normal speech!!!

Elizabeth M.

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Compassionate dental professionals committed to providing quality care in a relaxing atmosphere.