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If you are afraid to go to the dentist, ask Dr. Bleeker in Scottsdale about IV Sedation

No More Stress and Anxiety during your Dental Visit

Dr. Michael Bleeker offers the Scottsdale community a relaxing dental experience and works diligently to help patients achieve optimal oral health. Dedicated to providing quality dental experiences, Dr. Bleeker offers IV sedation for his Scottsdale community patients who need help with dental anxiety avoiding unnecessary pain and discomfort. Dr. Bleeker has been providing sedation dentistry since 1994. Dr Bleeker works with certified dental anesthesiologists who provide and monitor the sedation procedure allowing Dr Bleeker to focus on the dental treatment. IV sedation is recommended for patients who suffer from fear of going to the dentist. The benefits of IV sedation are significant – When the patient is relaxed it allows Dr. Bleeker to provide optimal treatment while the patient is comfortable and relaxed. 

What is IV Sedation?

IV sedation refers to the use of medications that help patients experience a high level of relaxation during dental procedures. We use medications that result in a moderate to advanced level of relaxation. The dental anesthesiologist administers intervenous medications to achieve a profound level of relaxation to his Scottsdale patients who experience dental anxiety. The type and amount of medication is prescribed by the dental anesthesiologist after a review of the medical history and evaluation of your overall health.

How IV Sedation Works

The medication is administered by the dental anesthesiologist prior to the start of the dental treatment creating a relaxing experience for the patient. IV sedation has been recognized for its effectiveness and safety. IV sedation works by dulling the parts of the brain that produce fear and anxiety. The patient will feel drowsy and relaxed and often sleeps through the entire procedure.

Patients undergoing IV sedation must have an escort. Someone else needs to be present to drive the patient to and from the office. Once the dental treatment begins, the patient is relaxed enough to administer any required anesthetics and the procedure are performed without the patient being afraid. The patient’s vital signs are consistently monitored for signs of discomfort and distress, and anesthetics are administered as needed.

Following the procedure, the patient will be driven home to recover, but they probably won't remember anything about their dental visit! The effects of the medication wear off gradually, leaving the patient feeling comfortable and free of stress. Dr. Bleeker advises patients on aftercare. 

If you experience dental anxiety or dental phobia, please contact us today and ask us about our sedation service. Avoiding the dentist out of fear puts your oral health in jeopardy. Dr. Bleeker is prepared to listen and help solve the problem. Contact us today and find out more about a relaxing dental experience.


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