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The thought of a dental appointment can be a cause of anxiety.  Many people worry about dental pain and the ultimate trip to the dentist to have the problem addressed. The reality, however, is very different.  The comfort, relaxation and happiness of the patient are embedded deep at the heart of any good dental practice.  The staff at our practice will do whatever we can to reduce anxiety, allay fears and provide painless, quick treatments.

Recent technological advancements have meant that dentists are able to provide dental care in a relaxed stress free setting.  There are also a wide variety of safe sedatives available to eliminate pain and reduce anxiety during routine appointments.

Here is a list of some of the most common dental fears:

  • Fear of embarrassment about the condition of teeth.
  • Fear of gagging.
  • Fear of injections
  • Fear of loss of control.
  • Fear of not becoming numb
  • Fear of pain
  • Fear of the dentist as a person
  • Fear of the drill
  • The noise and smells of a dental office
  • You just do not want to go

How can one overcome dental anxiety?

Dental anxiety and fear can become completely overwhelming.  It is estimated that as many as 35 million people do not visit the dental office at all because of anxiety and fear.  Receiving regular dental check ups and cleanings is incredibly important. Having regular routine check ups is the easiest way to maintain excellent oral hygiene and reduce the need for more complex treatments.

Here are some tips to help reduce dental fear and anxiety:

Talk to the dentist – Explain your concerns and anxiety with dental procedures.  Though it can be hard to talk about these issues with a stranger, Dr. Bleeker does this every day and hears concerns just like yours from many, many people. Knowing that anxiety is a problem is the first step to treating it.

Sedation – Sedation offers an excellent option for people who suffer from dental anxiety.  There are several types of sedation, but the general premise behind them is the same: the patient is administered a sedative which allows the patient to arrive relaxed and ready to accept dental treatment. While sedated, the dental treatment is completed with minimal pain and discomfort. After a period of time the sedative will wear off and the patient regains their faculties and usually have little to no memory of the actual visit or procedure.

Dr. Bleeker works with Dental Anesthesiologists licensed by the state of Arizona to provide IV sedation to his anxious patients. If you have questions or concerns about how Dr. Bleeker can help you overcome anxiety and fear, please contact our office and ask about sedation dentistry.

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