Sleep apnea is a recognized medical condition that can have serious negative consequences on your health and life. Studies are showing that sleep apnea can shorten your lifespan by many years. Symptoms of sleep apnea can include waking up tired, difficulty concentrating during the day and drowsiness during the day. People with sleep apnea are usually irritable and forgetful as well. Sleep apnea is easily identified by your sleep partner who will tell you that you’re snoring. Loss of quality sleep from snoring and sleep apnea can result in serious cardiac and neurological side effects.

Factors Affecting Sleep Apnea & Snoring

  • Loss of tissue tone of the soft palate
  • Narrow oral airway
  • Tissue inflammation in the nose and throat
  • Swollen tonsil tissue
  • Alcohol and prescription drugs can contribute to the blocked oral airway

Side effects of snoring and sleep disordered breathing problems

  • Sleep apnea can reduce your lifespan
  • Headaches
  • Impotence
  • Increased incidence of heart attack & stroke
  • Depression
  • Daytime fatigue
  • Acid reflux
  • Weight gain
  • Increased Stress
  • Aggressive behavior

Benefits of Better Sleep

  • More energy
  • Weight loss
  • Longer life
  • Less stress
  • Less anxiety or depression
  • Improved memory
  • More successful at work
  • Better relationships
  • Increased libido
  • Improved blood pressure
  • Less inflammation
  • Increased creativity
  • Sharpened attention
  • Stronger immune system

NightLase is a non-invasive treatment for snoring. It reduces snoring by building collagen in the soft palate. Nightlase is a laser treatment to open the oral airway allowing more air and better breathing during sleep. It’s a safe and effective alternative treatment for patients who cannot tolerate CPAP devices or oral positioning devices. There are no shots, injections or anesthesia needed for this procedure.

  • Non-invasive
  • Increases breathing efficiency and the quality of sleep
  • Easy to perform as an in-office outpatient procedure with no down time
  • Lessens the intensity and duration of snoring 
  • Safe and patient-friendly 
  • Appointments are 45 minutes to an hour.

NightLase is a non-invasive way of increasing the quality of sleep by helping you naturally get more oxygen while sleeping. NightLase reduces snoring through the use of a gentle, superficial Er: YAG laser which stimulates collagen rejuvenation. No anesthesia is used in this treatment and there is no downtime so you can return to your regular activities right away. It is a new exciting and innovative procedure that uses light energy to tighten the soft tissue in the back of the mouth in order to reduce snoring. There is no need for needles or anesthesia and most patients do not experience any pain during or after the procedure. There is no cutting of tissue.  


How does NightLase® Treatment work?

NightLase® stimulates the growth and repair of collagen. Neo-callogenesis is the stimulation of new collagen. The light energy stimulates remodeling of collagen and the synthesis of new collagen fibers, this tightens the soft tissue in the back of the mouth opening the oral airway. The larger open airway and reduction of the obstructive tissues results in a reduction in snoring. Some patients cannot tolerate the CPAP machine. In addition, many patients do not want to wear a mandibular positioning appliance during sleep or undergo invasive surgery. NIghtLase® is an alternative procedure for patients who are not interested in or cannot tolerate the other options. It can also be used as an adjunctive procedure, in combination with other procedures, to increase airway volume. Sometimes patients need conjunctive therapy to completely resolve the snoring. This means some patients undergo the Nightlase procedure and wear a mandibular positioning device.

NightLase® treatment is performed using laser light that gently warms the tissue, causing tightening of the tissue in the back of the throat which leads to a significant reduction of the sound of the patients snoring. The procedure is performed in two simple steps:

Step 1: Preheating- The laser light preheats the tissue.

Step 2: Collagen Stimulation – The laser light strengthens the tissue.

A full course of NightLase treatment is comprised of three separate 45-60 minute treatment sessions 21 days apart. The final result of the treatment has been shown to last up to a year. Results are often seen after the first appointment. Patients should complete all three sessions to ensure the complete benefit of the treatment.

Does NightLase® hurt?

NightLase is simple and patients typically experience minimal to no discomfort. It is easy to perform and has a high success rate. Research has shown that NightLase® reduces snoring for about 80 per cent of the patients treated.

Call today for a NightLase consultation. 

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