What is Full Mouth Restoration?

Jul 23 • 2 minute read

Full mouth restoration involves repairing any existing damage to the teeth or other structures of the mouth. This includes damages caused by either trauma, poor health, or general wear and tear. Dr. Michael Bleeker is a Scottsdale prosthodontist who specializes in full mouth restoration procedures that will restore proper form and function to your mouth.

Types of Corrections That Are Included in Full Mouth Restoration

Every patient is different in terms of what their teeth are exposed to and how healthy they are in general. A Scottsdale prosthodontist uses a variety of procedures that can correct many of the following:

·         Broken or chipped teeth caused by trauma

·         Surface erosion of the teeth caused by grinding

·         Tooth loss caused by either traumatic injury or illness

·         Jaw pain and discomfort caused by irregular bite patterns or wear and tear of the joints

As a Scottsdale prosthodontist, Dr. Bleeker can correct any abnormalities and restore your mouth and its internal structures to as close to their original condition as possible.

When abnormalities and imperfections are left untreated, they can cause other health problems that can eventually affect the rest of the body. A thorough examination by Dr. Bleeker can identify the extent of the damage and present you with possible solutions that will help to restore your mouth to its prior condition. Having a Scottsdale prosthodontist perform these procedures will make it easier to chew your food and speak more clearly. If the abnormalities affected your jaws and temporomandibular joint, you may also notice that your breathing patterns when you sleep have also improved.

As a board-certified Scottsdale prosthodontist, Dr. Michael Bleeker can perform a complete dental examination and determine what types of restoration procedures you may need. He can answer all of your questions and help you find the answers you need in terms of making restorative corrections and improving the function of your teeth and gums. Call Villa Canyon Prosthodontics today to schedule your next appointment!

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